• Individual Membership $25/annual
  • Family Membership $ 40/annual

Please Join Us!

Membership to the Omaha Stockyards Saddle Club, Inc. is non-discriminatory regarding race, religion, age, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

The Omaha Stockyards Saddle Club has been formed for the express purpose of banding together a group of riders and horse enthusiasts who have a common interests, purposes and objectives. That common purpose and objective being:

  • To foster a closer spirit of comradeship in horse activities among members of the group.
  • To promote and develop horsemanship skills
  • To take advantage of the wide experience and knowledge of members of the group
  • To learn by close association through group sessions better means of handling, caring for and riding horses.

OSY Membership Form

Please submit a Membership form and send in your membership dues to complete registration.

*Currently our online membership form is not working so please fill one out at the next OSY event you attend or we can mail you one upon request to be completed and returned. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Dues can be submitted via PayPal: by going to www.paypal.com and using our club’s email address: osyclub@yahoo.com


Venmo: OSY Saddle Club @Gary-Young-232


Mail to our club Secretary 


                                                                                                     Ann McPhillips 

                                                                                                 3540 Wild Rose Lane

                                                                                                     Omaha, NE 68112



Make checks payable to ‘Omaha Stockyards Saddle Club’

  • Individual Membership: $25
  • Family Membership: $40
  • Family membership consists of 2 or more members.
  • Members must be living in the same household to be considered a Family Membership.
  • Adults are considered 18 years old or above as of January 1st.